Logistics Solutions

Connecting and transcending the world.
Our logistics solutions bring expanding visions to life.

Supply Chain Logistics Solutions

We provide optimum distribution solutions tailored to our clients' line of business, transaction type and national and international conditions.

After discussing the availability of importers or exporters, the terms and conditions, the status of factories and warehouses overseas and other information, we work to save costs, reduce lead time and manage inventory correctly.

We offer clients acceptable solutions from a risk management perspective after taking their business continuity plans (BCP) into account.

Track record

Major manufacturers
(Semiconductors, medical products, medical equipment, toys, etc.)
Major trading companies, etc.

Railway transportation

Introducing railway transportation services as a solution to global environmental issues and the logistic challenges of 2024.

We embrace sustainable and efficient rail transportation as a way of solution for climate changes, overcoming cost and especially driver shortage concerns.

Track Record

Precision equipment, Facility equipment, etc.

Temperature-controlled transportation

We coordinate the ideal transportation methods to suit the optimum temperature range of products, whether they are transported by sea or by air.

Our highly-experienced team of experts proposes the best packing materials, shipping methods and shipping routes in accordance with domestic and international regulations.

Track record

Semiconductor materials, medical products, medical equipment, chemicals, etc.

Emergency shipping

We provide safe, speedy door-to-door emergency shipping services to clients around the world.
In these times of unstable supply chains, we guarantee the best one-stop services in the shortest amount of time with a focus on air transportation.

Track record

Semiconductors and semiconductor materials, automobile parts, perishable foods, etc.
*Items we cannot handle: Perishable foods, precious metals, etc.