Anti-Vibration Transportation

Realizing Sustainable Transportation

Anti-Vibration JR Container Transportation / ZERO G-Cargo

We launched "Anti-vibration JR Container Transport/ZERO G-Cargo'' and "Anti-vibration material sales/ZERO G-Series etc."
To be a solution for the logistic challenges of 2024 and contribute to SDGs, we improve the safety and reliability of rail transportation and open the way to a sustainable future.

We provide anti-vibration transportation service with network of JR for items such as precision eqipments, medical equipments, electronic eqipments, and telecommunication equipments, etc.

Minimum Inner Dimension (mm) Width 3,580 x Length 2,250 × Height 2,144
Internal Volume(㎥) 17.27
Dimension of Door(mm) Side Height 2,187 Width 3,635
Maximum Payload (kg) 5,000


  • The eye bolt is movable and the lashing position is freely adjustable and removable.
  • Anti-vibration top plate is made of polypropylene.
  • A special cushioning material (made of urethane) is put under a special floor (ZERO G-Floor).
  • 5 types of packing material are available depending on an appropriate cargo weight.

Result of Vibration Tests

The graph below shows that “ZERO-G Floor” protects your important cargo.
ZERO-G Floor (blue data in graph) controls the vibration to 1.6G.
Container floor (red data) marks the vibratoin rise up to max of 9.8G.
With Zero-G Floor, the shock is suppressed to about 1-Sixth even when a big shock is applied.

Anti-Vibration Material Sales/ZERO G-Series etc.

A Video of ZERO-G series

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A Video of Slide Lock

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A Video of ZERO-G Series Handling

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