Message from the Representative

Bringing individual skills and teamwork together to create value-added services.

Kintetsu World Express Sales, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kintetsu World Express, Inc. that was established in 2009.
Three unique companies, namely Kintetsu Express Sales, Kintetsu Eurasia Express and Kintetsu e-Support, brought their specialties together to create one organization. We contribute to our clients' businesses through our policy of 'offering value-added services as experts' and by satisfying their requests.
The Supply Chain Logistics Department provides medical product transportation services that comply with Good Distribution Practice (GDP) guidelines for temperature control. We also specialize in semiconductor transportation which requires strict scheduling like such as early morning pick ups and shipment-> depart by noon.
Moreover, we offer two trademarked solutions. First, with the service nicknamed "v-Ship", they acting as ACP (Attorney for Customs Procedure) or EOR (Exporter of Record) on behalf of non-residents/Japan residents and support their trade cost management and trade risk management. The second, the service nicknamed "e-Chain," provides ordering and vendor management to improve inventory control and cash flow.

The Exclusive Logistics Department provides special transportation and door-to-door coordination in various event industries. You can see a lot of their work in transportation at motorsports world championship races, displays and facilities in events, exhibitions and entertainment shows all over the world. Furthermore, they offer an advanced coordination service for all manufacturing line and facility transfers and installation in the automotive, electronic and semiconductor industries.
Based on our policy that says, "Be the best expert and provide great synergy with extra value", we continue to improve ourselves to cover all client requests as their best supporter.

President and Chief Executive Officer Yoshihiro Shirai