Personal Information Handling Agreement

Kintetsu World Express Sales, Inc. handles clients' personal information, and we endeavor to protect that information according to the following stipulations.

Purpose of use

  1. To respond to inquiries
  2. To send responses to requests for information
  3. To deliver products
  4. To perform services
  5. To provide information about the company's products, services and events
  6. For surveys

Provision to third parties

Apart from situations stipulated by law, our company will not provide clients' personal information to third parties without the consent of the person in question.

Outsourcing the handling of personal information

In the course of our business operations, we may outsource part of our operations to external parties in order to provide our clients with better services. In such cases, we may provide the outsourced party with clients' personal information. In such cases, we will select outsourced parties which are known to handle personal information appropriately and manage them correctly by signing agreements etc. to ensure that they implement the necessary measures such as managing personal information properly and maintaining confidentiality in order to prevent leaks of clients' personal information.

Voluntary submission of personal information

Clients may choose whether to submit their personal information to our company or not. However, in some cases the company may not be able to respond or perform services if personal information is not submitted.

Requests for disclosure of personal information

With regards to their personal information, clients have the right to request notification of the purpose of use, disclosure, revision, additions, deletions or to deny its usage or provision. For details, contact the following inquiry desk or check "The Handling of Personal Information."

Inquiries: Kintetsu World Express Sales, Inc.
Personal Information Inquiry Desk